Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Timeframe
Cancel within 30 minutes from placing the order. After 30 minutes the order has been placed it can NOT be canceled. Priority Shipping orders may not be eligible to cancel within 30 minutes due to the order being shipped as soon as possible, and COVID-19. Orders on sale or bought with a discount code may not be eligible for cancellation. If qualified, a $3 fee will be deducted from the total. 

All refunds and cancellations after the qualified time given, will only qualify for only store credit. You will receive a gift card with the amount you paid.  

Credit Card Authorization

When you place an online order, we authorize your credit card to make sure sufficient credit is available. A hold is placed on funds equal to your order total until the order is fulfilled.

If you cancel an order, the time required to remove the authorization is determined by the financial institution that issued your card. You can reach out to your financial institution for more information.

 Fraudulent Orders
If orders are delivered and canceled through a bank, we are obligated to open an investigation case with StarGirl Cosmetics law team. We will use the information provided by the person who placed the order to proceed with the fraudulent crime case investigation.