About Us

Welcome to StarGirl Cosmetics

StarGirl Cosmetics is a empowering cruelty free brand that helps the Queen and King in every women and men rejoice. We take pride into donating to LGBTQ, BLM Charities, and Human Rights. The Chief Executive Officer & Founder of StarGirl Cosmetics is Lizbeth Mendoza. She is a Make up Artist known as StarGirl Lizzy. She is a 20 Year Old Latina Entrepreneur that believes in equality and safe beauty.  StarGirl Cosmetics started On MARCH 4th, 2018 and is dedicated to Cruelty Free Cosmetics. Our StarGirl Cosmetics Products are Cruelty Free, Non-toxic, and made with only the healthiest ingredients to provide clean & safe beauty. We offer vegan and cruelty free options and plan on growing our vegan collection soon. Our products are made to empower women, men, and non-binary of any kind. Our goal is to make everyone feel BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERED. Providing cruelty free products is a very important for SGC, because we love our animal friends and we don’t test our products on them.